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Carsten Schaefer (May 8, 1960) is a German television presenter who reports mainly on wrestling.


In 1989, Schaefer as responsible editor and host of the show ring free at Tele 5 a. Previously, he oversaw editorial a television program for Guinness World Records at the transmitter. In ring free of Wrestling sport was treated. This he still knew from his time in England, where he spent one year. In addition to his work as a commentator he translated the WWF magazine for the German publisher Ehapa as a freelancer. In addition, acts Schaefer for 24 years as a ring announcer, especially the wrestling league WWE.

Since 1989 Schaefer commented with changing partners among other Sport1 and Sky Germany wrestling bouts in WWE.

In the published 2008 Movie 1 1/2 Knights - In Search of the Ravishing Herzelinde he had, together with his longtime colleague Günter Zapf, a cameo appearance as a commentator of a tournament.

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