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Wrestler: Date: Location: Defeated/Notes
Nick Gage March 27, 1999 Mantua, New Jersey Won in a Battle Royal to determine the first champion.
John Zandig May 22, 1999 Mantua, New Jersey Defeated Nick Gage, Kronus, and Justice Pain in a Four Way
match to win the title.
Nick Gage (2) June 19, 1999 Mantua, New Jersey
Wifebeater September 18, 1999 Mantua, New Jersey
John Zandig (2) November 20, 1999 Mantua, New Jersey
Lobo July 22, 2000 Sewell, New Jersey
Justice Pain September 9, 2000 Sewell, New Jersey
Nick Berk February 28, 2001 Dover, Delaware
Yoshihiro Tajiri February 28, 2001 Dover, Delaware
John Zandig (3) February 28, 2001 Dover, Delaware
Wifebeater (2) April 15, 2001 Birmingham, England
John Zandig (4) May 12, 2001 Smyrna, Delaware
Wifebeater (3) June 14, 2001 Aguascalientes, Mexico
Justice Pain (2) July 7, 2001 Sewell, New Jersey
Messiah May 11, 2002 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pinned Justice Pain in a scaffold tag team match involving
Messiah and Nick Mondo against Adam Flash and Justice Pain
to win the title
Justice Pain (3) June 8, 2002 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Defeated The Messiah and Nick Mondo in a three-way
match to win the title.
John Zandig (5) June 15, 2002 Dublin, Ireland
Justice Pain (4) June 15, 2002 Dublin, Ireland
Messiah (2) December 14, 2002 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
John Zandig (6) October 25, 2003 Pistoia, Italy
Messiah (3) March 6, 2004 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Defeated John Zandig in a Taipei Board and Nails Deathmatch.
Ruckus February 5, 2005 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Super Dragon December 10, 2005 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ruckus (2) February 11, 2006 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Defeated Super Dragon and Kevin Steen in a three-way
match to win the title.
Chris Hero May 13, 2006 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Defeated Ruckus after Ruckus had just won the BOTB6 tournament..
Eddie Kingston September 9, 2006 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Justice Pain (5) December 9, 2006 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pain eliminated both Eddie Kingston and Chris Hero in a three way elimination match
Ruckus July 14, 2007 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nick Gage December 8, 2007 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Drake Younger July 12, 2008 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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