The CMLL World Super Lightweight Championship (Campeonato Mundial de Peso Super Ligero CMLL in Spanish) is a professional wrestling championship promoted by the Mexican Lucha Libre wrestling-based promotion Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL). Being a professional wrestling championship, it is not won legitimately; it is instead won via a scripted ending to a match or awarded to a wrestler because of a storyline. The official definition of the super lightweight weight class in Mexico is between 150 lbs (70 kg) and 160 lbs (73 kg), but is not always strictly enforced.


The Championship was created in 2003 after a series of well-received matches between the Southern California team of the Havana Brothers (Rocky Romero, Ricky Reyes and T.J. Perkins working under masks) and the CMLL team of Ricky Marvin, Virus and Volador, Jr.. CMLL Created the Super Lightweight title, a title with an upper limit of 160 lbs (73 kg) to bring the spotlight on the smaller, younger wrestlers. CMLL held a Torneo Cibernetico, which included the Havana Brothers, Sangre Azteca, Ricky Marvin, Virus, Volador, Jr. Super Comando, Loco Max, Tigre Blanco, Neutro and Sombra de Plata. In the end Romero won by eliminating Volador, Jr. to become the first champion. A few months later Virus defeated Romero for the title and the Havana Brothers stopped working for CMLL. For almost a year the title was almost invisible, never defended and rarely seen on TV. By the end of 2004 Rocky Romero returned to the promotion, this time without a mask and working under his real name; Romero quickly won the title back from Virus. In 2006 Romero became a three-time champion but by mid-2006 he stopped working for CMLL on a regular basis. When Romero returned to CMLL in 2008 he was billed as "Grey Shadow", a masked ring persona, no mention of the CMLL Super Lightweight title was made, but no official announcement of it being vacated was issued either. It was not until months after Romero jumped from CMLL to Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion (AAA) that the title was finally announced as vacated.

Current champion

Dragon Lee is the current champion in his second reign. Rocky Romero holds the record for most reigns, 3, longest combined reigns with 1,570 days and longest individual reign with 1,168 days.

Title history

Symbol Meaning
# The overall championship reign
Reign The reign number for the specific wrestler listed.
Event The event promoted by the respective promotion in which the title changed hands
N/A The specific information is not known
Used for vacated reigns in order to not count it as an official reign
# Wrestler Reign Date Days
Location Event Notes

Romero, RockyRocky Romero

1 02003-09-11September 11, 2003

64 Mexico City, Mexico Live event Defeated Volador, Jr. in a tournament final

Virus 1 02003-11-14November 14, 2003

392 Mexico City, Mexico Live event

Romero, RockyRocky Romero

2 02004-12-10December 10, 2004

338 Mexico City, Mexico Live event

Tommy Williams

1 02005-09-15September 15, 2005

128 Los Angeles, CA Live event

Romero, RockyRocky Romero

3 02006-01-21January 21, 2006

1168 Industry, CA Live event Rocky Romero began working as "Grey Shadow" in early 2008 but the title was never officially vacated until Romero began working for Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion (AAA). Technically his reign did not end until it was announced but he had not defended the title since 2007.

Vacated 02009-04-03April 3, 2009




Championship confirmed vacated after Rocky Romero left CMLL

Máscara Dorada 1 02009-04-07April 7, 2009

730 Mexico City Mexico Arena México show Won a 10-man Cibernetico match over Angel Azteca, Jr., Rey Cometa, Pegasso, Angel de Oro, Tiger Kid, Polvora, Inquisidor, Super Comando and Angel de Plata

Vacated 02011-04-07April 7, 2011




Championship vacated after Dorada moves up to the middleweight division

Virus 2

02011-06-07June 7, 2011

2599+ Mexico City Mexico Arena México show Defeated Guerrero Maya, Jr. in a tournament final to win the vacant title.

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