The CMLL World Heavyweight Championship (Campeonato Mundial de Peso Completo del CMLL in Spanish) is a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship promoted by Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre and has been in existence since June 9, 1991. Unlike other world titles in other promotions, this championship is not the main title in CMLL due to the greater number of competitors in lower weight divisions.

Championship rules

As the Championship is designated as a heavyweight title, the Championship can only officially be competed for by wrestlers weighing at least 105 kg (231 lb). The rule is not strictly adhered to as several champions have been under the weight limit, including former champion Héctor Garza. While the Heavyweight title is traditionally considered the most prestigious weight division in professional wrestling, CMLL places more emphasis on the lower weight divisions. As such, the CMLL World Heavyweight Title is not considered the top CMLL Championship.

Current Champion

El Terrible is the current CMLL World Heavyweight champion. He won the vacant title on January 1, 2012 by defeating Rush.[1] He's the 18th overall champion and the 14th person to hold the title. Universo 2000 has held the title the most times, three. Universo 2000 also holds the record for the longest combined reign with 2,555 days. The first champion, Konnan, also held the title the shortest with 70 days.

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