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Champion history

Wrestler: Cup: Date: Location: Notes: Defences:
Hallowicked I November 16, 2002 Allentown, PA Defeated Mister ZERO in the finals of the Young Lions Cup I Tournament. TBA
Larry Sweeney II July 31, 2004 Emmaus, PA Defeated Jigsaw in the finals of the Young Lions Cup II Tournament. TBA
Jigsaw II November 19, 2004 Reading, PA Defeated Larry Sweeney at Fear Of Music. TBA
Shane Storm III July 24, 2005 Pittston, PA Defeated Icarus in the finals of the Young Lions Cup III Tournament. TBA
Arik Cannon IV June 25, 2006 Philadelphia, PA Defeated Cheech in the finals of the Young Lions Cup IV Tournament. TBA
Maxime Boyer IV October 28, 2006 Philadelphia, PA Defeated Arik Cannon at Cibernetico Forever. TBA
Chuck Taylor V June 24, 2007 Hellertown, PA Defeated Ricochet in the finals of the Young Lions Cup V Tournament. TBA
Helios V October 27, 2007 Barnesville, PA Defeated Chuck Taylor at New Star Navigation. TBA
Fire Ant VI June 15, 2008 Hellertown, PA Defeated Vin Gerard in the finals of the Young Lions Cup VI Tournament. TBA
Vin Gerard VI July 13, 2008 Philadelphia, PA Defeated Fire Ant at Tragedy and Triumph. TBA
Vin Gerard was stripped of the cup and it was declared vacant following a double disqualification between Gerard and Jimmy Olsen at Duel and Duality.
Jimmy "Equinox" Olsen VI January 25, 2009 Philadelphia, PA Defeated Vin Gerard in a ladder match for the vacant cup at Revelation X. TBA
Player Dos VII August 16, 2009 Philadelphia, PA Defeated Colin Delaney in the finals of the Young Lions Cup TBA

List of reign lengths

As of December 6, 2009.
Wrestler Days Held Date Won Date Lost
Hallowicked 623 November 16, 2002 July 31, 2004
Shane Storm 336 July 24, 2005 June 25, 2006
Jigsaw 247 November 19, 2004 July 24, 2005
Maxime Boyer 239 October 28, 2006 June 24, 2007
Helios 232 October 27, 2007 June 15, 2008
Jimmy "Equinox" Olsen 201 January 25, 2009 August 16, 2009
Vin Gerard 154 July 13, 2008 December 14, 2008
Arik Cannon 125 June 25, 2006 October 28, 2006
Chuck Taylor 125 June 24, 2007 October 27, 2007
Player Dos 112 August 16, 2009 Current champion
Larry Sweeney 111 July 31, 2004 November 19, 2004
Fire Ant 28 June 15, 2008 July 13, 2008

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