Laying in the Gutter, Looking at the Stars 2008 was a wrestling event produced by CHIKARA (CHIKARA). It took place on September 21, 2008 from the West Park Party Center in Cleveland, Ohio. The event was CHIKARA's first event ever in Ohio.

Show eventsEdit

Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.
  • Hawke used a metal blade wrapped around his wrist to knockout Richardson and get the win.
  • Icarus gets the pinfall via small package on Incognito.
  • Jimmy Olsen gets the win with a piledriver.
  • Acid Jaz was tranced when attempting the Swiss Mist, allowing the Portal to put Marshe in the way to let Jaz accidentally hit the Mist on Marshe.
  • The confusion allowed the Portal to set up for the Osirian Sacrament for the Osirian Portal to get the win.
  • Lince gets the win via shooting star press.
  • Fire Ant pins Vin Gerard for the victory following the Ant Hill.
  • Claudio wins via Ricola Bomb.
  • Delirious defeated Player Uno (2:45)
  • Player Dos defeated Delirious (6:24)
  • The Super Smash Brothers defeated Delirious (12:00)

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