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The 2008 King of Trios Tournament was held February 29, March 1, and March 2, 2008 at the New Alhambra Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The tournament featured 28 teams, up from the 16 of 2007.

Tournament bracket

First round
February 29 and March 1
  Second round
February 29 and March 1
March 2
March 2
March 2
 Los Ice Creams/Glacier    
 Los Luchadores de Mexico        Los Luchadores de Mexico    
 The F1RST Family      Team IWS    
 Team IWS          Los Luchadores de Mexico    
 Team Egypt          Quack/Skayde/Storm    
 Quack/Skayde/Storm        Quack/Skayde/Storm  
 Dragon/Lee/Olsen      Team WTF    
 Team WTF          Los Luchadores de Mexico    
 The Colony          The Colony    
 Team El Dorado        The Colony    
 Las Chivas Rayadas      Las Chivas Rayadas    
 Team ROH          The Colony  
 F.I.S.T.          F.I.S.T.    
 Sweet 'n' Sour, Inc.        F.I.S.T.  
 Da Soul Touchaz      Da Soul Touchaz    
 Team BSE          Los Luchadores de Mexico  
 The BLKOUT          The BLKOUT  
 BYE        The BLKOUT    
 Kaiju's Sea Amigos      Neo Solar Temple    
 Neo Solar Temple          The BLKOUT    
 The Southern Saints          Team DDT    
 Team DDT        Team DDT  
 Team AZW      Team AZW    
 BYE          The BLKOUT  
 The Golden Trio          The Golden Trio    
 BYE        The Golden Trio    
 Team IPW:UK      Team IPW:UK    
 The Naptown Dragons          The Golden Trio  
 The Fabulous Three          The Fabulous Three    
 Team Stranglehold        The Fabulous Three  
 Team WWF      Team WWF    

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