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Chikara's Fifteenth Show took place at the VFW Hall in Wall, Pennslyvania, USA. The event took place on April 5, 2003.


Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.

  • Winners: Icarus and Matt Vandal advance to singles match later on in the evening.
  • Winner: Eddie Kingston defeated Ultramantis via the Kondo Clutch.
  • Winner: The match ended in a DOUBLE DQ.
  • Winner: Blind Rage defeated Private Eye via the STF.
  • Winner: Matt Vandal defeated Icarus.
  • Winners: The trio of Quackenbush, Akuma, and DJ Skittlez defeated the trio of Hallowicked, Jigsaw, and Rorschach when DJ Skittlez hit the Rainbow Bomb on Rorschach.

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