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Chikara's Aniversario took place at the St. John's Auditorium in Allentown, Pennslyvania. The event took place on May 23, 2003.


Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.
  • Winner: Mike Kruel and Reckless Youth advance to a singles match later in the evening. (13:08)
  • Order of Entry:
    • Ninja Mexicano (0:00)
    • Lester Crabtree (0:00)
    • Love Bug (1:32)
    • Brock Singleton (2:39)
    • Dragonfly (3:35)
    • Marshal Law (5:19)
    • Melvin Snodgrass (6:55)
    • Mike Kruel (7:38)
    • Jolly Roger (8:44)
    • Reckless Youth (9:41)
  • Order of Elimination:
    • Ninja Mexicano (1:44 ~ By Love Bug)
    • Love Bug (2:50 ~ By Brock Singleton)
    • Lester Crabtree (5:55 ~ By Marshal Law)
    • Dragonfly (8:13 ~ By Brock Singleton)
    • Melvin Snodgrass (8:32 ~ By Brock Singleton)
    • Jolly Roger (12:54 ~ By Brock Singleton & Marshal Law)
    • Marshal Law (13:04 ~ By Brock Singleton)
    • Brock Singleton (13:08 ~ By Reckless Youth & Mike Kruel)
  • After the match, Mike Kruel attacked Reckless Youth, Youth eventually sent Kruel to the floor though and emerged as the dominant man.
  • Winner: Private Eye defeated Phantasmo via the DDT. (4:41)
  • Winner: DJ Skittlez defeated Blind Rage via the Avalanche-Style Rainbow Bomb. (9:33)
  • As a result of a pre-match stipulation, DJ Skittlez won the right to choose Rage's entrance music.
  • Winner: Mike Kruel defeated Reckless Youth via the Folding Press with a rope assist. (10:17)
  • Winners: The team of Mr. ZERO, Quackenbush, Akuma, Ultramantis, & Icarus defeated the trio of Hallowicked, Jigsaw, Kingston, Marciano & Rorschach when Quackenbush applied the Lightning Lock to Jigsaw. (44:04)

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