This article is about the British Open Tag Team Championship. For the British Tag Team Championship that consists of the unified RQW and IPW:UK titles, see Unified British Tag Team Championship.

The British (Open) Tag Team Championship is the top tag team championship contested for throughout the British wrestling circuit. It is currently being contested for in Brian Dixon's All Star Promotions.

Many versions of the British Tag Team Titles exist in the independent circuit of the United Kingdom at any given time but the scene is usually dominated by one companies version. When another company becomes dominant the title often manages to unify itself or is brought into that company.

Current champions

"Chippendale" Mikey Whiplash and new partner, Robbie Dynamite defeated the UK Dream Team (Kid Cool and Dean "2 Xtreme" Allmark) on 25 February 2006 in Staffordshire to win the titles and were defended as recently as April 2009.

Title history

Wrestlers: Reigns: Date: Place: Notes:
All Star Wrestling
King Ben & Kid McCoy 1 1989
The Superflys
Ricky Knight & Jimmy Ocean
1 29/03/1990 Bristol
Liverpool Lads
Robbie Brookside & "Doc" Dean
1 23/01/1991 Bath
Task Force
Steve Prince & Vic Powers
1 23/01/1993 Norwich
The Superflys
Ricky Knight (2) & Jimmy Ocean (2)
2 13/03/1993 Norwich
Liverpool Lads
Robbie Brookside (2) & "Doc" Dean (2)
2 31/03/1995 Liverpool
The Superflys
Ricky Knight (3) & Jimmy Ocean (3)
3 1995
Power Rangers
(Red & Blue)
1 15/06/1995 Bristol
Belts were vacated when the Power Rangers gimmick was dropped.
Marty Jones & Peter Collins 1 01/02/1996 Bristol Defeat "Liverpool Lads" (Rob Brookside & "Doc" Dean)
Belts were vacated sometime later that year.
The Superflys
Ricky Knight (4) & Jimmy Ocean (4)
4 1996
Jimmy Ocean (5) & Canary Kid 1 ??/08/1998 Ocean defeats Ricky Knight in a singles match for the titles and chooses Kid as his partner.
Title becomes inactive.
The Wrestling Alliance
The New Superflys Ricky Knight (5) & Roy Knight 1 2001
Robbie Brookside (3) & Doug Williams 1 02/02/2002 Margate
Title becomes inactive.
All Star Wrestling
UK Dream Team
Kid Cool & Dean "2 Xtreme" Allmark
1 07/06/2005 Croydon Defeated "The Chippendales" Mikey Whiplash & Johnny Midnight to be recognized by All-Star.
Mikey Whiplash & Robbie Dynamite 1 25/02/2006 Staffordshire

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