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The British Mid-Heavyweight Championship was a top British wrestling championship found throughout the country's circuit. The title's history dates back to 1952 and runs to the present day. Officially mid-heavyweights were required to weigh between 14 st 2 lb and 14 st 12 lb (89.81 and 94.35 kg).

Title history

The title was founded in 1953 and remained active until 1981 when it was retired. The title was revived in 2002 and his since become a regular feature on the British independent circuit.

Original title

Wrestler: Times: Date: Place: Notes:
Norman Walsh 1 1952
Arthur Riccaldo 1 1 July 1963 Wins the title after Walsh suffers an injury in their bout
Norman Walsh 2 August 1963 Middlesbrough
Johnny Allen 1 December 1964 Middlesbrough
Norman Walsh 3 1965 Newcastle upon Tyne Retires as champion in 1965 after a car accident
Geoff Portz 1 May 1966 Newcastle upon Tyne Vacates the title due to injury in 1966
Mike Marino 1 December 1966 Sheffield Title vacated in August 1981 following Marino's death

Revived title

The title was revived in 2002 and has subsequently been defended outside the United Kingdom, an unusual occurrence for a British title.

Wrestler: Times: Date: Place: Notes:
Robbie Dynamite 1 April 2002
Dean Allmark 1 21 January 2006 Hanley, Staffordshire
Robbie Dynamite 2 17 August 2006 Rhyl
Dean Allmark 2 31 August 2006 Rhyl
Robbie Dynamite 3 30 March 2007 Telford
Chaos 2 30 August 2008 Flensburg, Germany
Robbie Dynamite 4 20 September 2008 Langå, Denmark
Deano (Dean Allmark) 3 8 June 2009 Rhyl
Robbie Dynamite 5 2 October 2009 Birkenhead

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