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Event history

The following is a listing of events that British Bulldogs has participated in.




  • Fall 1: Smith submitted to Sheik; Fall 2: Smith pinned Volkoff; Fall 3: Smith pinned Sheik
  • Fall 1: Dynamite submitted to Valentine; Fall 2: Dynamite pinned Valentine; Fall 3: Smith pinned Beefcake


  • Fall 1: The Hart Foundation was disqualified; Fall 2: Dynamite pinned Neidhart
  • Order of elimination: The Moondogs; SD Jones & Mike Rotunda; Strongbow & Gatorwolf; Volkoff & Sheik; The Hart Foundation; The British Bulldogs; The Killer Bees; The Rougeau Brothers; The Dream Team; The Machines; Bundy & Studd
  • Order of elimination: Santana pinned Zhukov; Ax pinned Jacques; Smash was disqualified; Neidhart pinned Santana; Haku pinned Dynamite; Roma pinned Valentine; Brunzell pinned Hart; Blair pinned Tama


  • Order of elimination: Hart pinned Raymond; Zhukov pinned Powers; Jannetty pinned Zhukov; Blanchard pinned Hart; Rockers and Brain Busters were disqualified; Smash pinned Dynamite; Smash was counted out; Barbarian pinned Conquistador #1


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