The Booty Bop is a move similar in nature to the infamous Stinkface. It sees some variation across wrestlers, but commonly involves a running hip attack followed by the attacker (usually a female) bouncing their buttocks up and down repeatedly in the face of an opponent lying in the corner of the ring, done to humiliate and fatigue the opponent.

The wrestler applying the Booty Bop may allow it to last for a long amount of time if the referee is distracted. Once the Booty Bop begins, the wrestler receiving it rarely escapes or reverses it, usually due to the stunning effect of the running hip attack.

The first appearance of this move appears to be a March 2009 match between Amber O'Neal and Daffney, in which Amber employs it against Daffney and later receives a Booty Bop from her opponent in retaliation. Since then, it has become a signature move of Amber O'Neal. The increasing popularity of the Booty Bop has led to other wrestlers employing it, such as Brooke Tessmacher's Asstastic.