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The Bon Secours Wellness Arena (formerly the Bi-Lo Center) is an arena located in downtown Greenville, South Carolina, that is used for concerts, football, and hockey. The arena is currently used by the Greenville Road Warriors of the ECHL.

Television Programs

Date Event
September 14, 1998 Nitro
May 24, 1999 Nitro
January 3, 2000 Nitro
December 18, 2000RAW
March 5, 2001 Nitro
March 7, 2001 Thunder
January 21, 2002RAW
June 13, 2002SmackDown
May 19, 2003RAW
December 9, 2004SmackDown
January 27, 2006SmackDown
April 21, 2008RAW
January 19, 2010ECW
January 21, 2010Superstars
January 22, 2010SmackDown
November 2, 2011NXT
November 3, 2011Superstars
November 4, 2011SmackDown
June 4, 2012RAW
April 15, 2013RAW
April 19, 2013Superstars
November 4, 2013RAW
November 8, 2013Superstars
May 12, 2014RAW
May 16, 2014Superstars
December 8, 2014RAW
November 16, 2015RAW
November 19, 2015Superstars
May 17, 2016Main Event
May 19, 2016SmackDown

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