WWE Battleground 2015 - R-Tuth v Barrett

On the WWE Battleground Kickoff, R-Truth and King Barrett will add a new chapter to their royal rivalry when they battle for control of the crown once and for all.

The tumultuous conflict between Truth and Barrett began in the semifinals of the 2015 King of the Ring Tournament. While the English-born Superstar won the prestigious contest, it would not stop Truth from becoming a constant thorn in the side of the newly crowned monarch. When R-Truth earned a victory over Barrett in their WWE Money in the Bank Kickoff Match, he believed himself to be the true king of WWE and began referring to himself as “King What’s Up” — complete with a makeshift crown, robe and royal scepter.

What may frustrate Barrett more than Truth’s illusion is the rapping Superstar’s victories over the brawler. Truth has defeated Barrett on Raw and SmackDown and has cost him the Intercontinental Championship inside the Elimination Chamber. Much like the fans in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con International who desire more, Barrett can’t wait to get his hands on the not-so-royal Truth again.

Monday night on Raw, Truth was able to gain yet another win on the King of the Ring Tournament champion. The self-proclaimed King has a lot of momentum in his corner going into their match on Sunday.

After Sunday who will have control of the crown and reign supreme as king over all of WWE? Will “King What’s Up” put an end to King Barrett’s rule and officially become the true king of WWE? Or will Barrett put an end to the “reign” of his high-octane adversary and make Truth bow at his royal feet?

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