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The Ballymun Bruiser is perhaps the craftiest competitor to ever step inside the Irish Whip ring. A tough, strong and well rounded technician, Bruiser is never an easy opponent once the bell rings. Hailing from the notorious suburb of Ballymun in Dublin, Bruiser has been fighting since before he could walk and has been responsible for random acts of violence in every town unlucky enough to receive a visit from him. A surprisingly talented technical wrestler, the Bruiser is often able to out wrestle his opponents without having to resort to the sneaky tactics he is known for but if he feels the tide turning or momentum slipping away from him, he will go to any lengths to ensure a victory. Fans of the Ballymn Bruiser's no nonsense style are often disappointed upon face to face encounters with 'the man with the golden can' as they usually find themselves 'relieved' of their wallets and often more often than not, their dignities. Bruiser has his eyes on the biggest prize in IwW, the International Heavyweight Championship, seeing it as the ultimate piece of bling to add some legitimacy to the questionable quality gold which currently hangs around his neck. It would take a brave man to bet against the Bruiser and an even braver man to step in his way.

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