The Australian Heavyweight Wrestling Championship was the first Heavyweight professional wrestling championship in Australia.

Title history

Wrestler: Times: Date Won: Location: Notes:
"Professor" William Miller 1 before 1880 New South Wales
Clarence Whistler 1 October 26, 1885 New South Wales
Vacant/Abandoned 1986 Dies in 1886
Buttan Singh 1 1903 Melbourne, Victoria
Clarence Weber 1 1906 Melbourne, Victoria
Vacant 1915 Weber retired
Billy Meeske 1 November 22, 1922 Melbourne, Victoria Defeated Joe Bailey in a tournament final
Clarence Weber 2 September 1, 1923 Melbourne, Victoria
Billy Meeske 2 September 18, 1926 Melbourne, Victoria
Joe Dawson 1 March 18, 1933 Brisbane, Queensland
Billy Meeske 3 April 15, 1933 Brisbane, Queensland Ordered to defend title at Raychard Stadium in 33, but refused
Tom Lurich 1 June 3, 1933 New South Wales Defeates Bonny Muir to win the Raychard Stadum version after Meeske refuses to defend the title. Eddie Scurff defeates Jim Barlett in tournament final to win the Stadium Limited version in 38 and defend it at least until 41 Meeske loses in earlier round. Leo Demetral claims the title in 38.
George Pencheff 1 December 9, 1939 Sydney, New South Wales Still recognised as champion of 47; Fred Atkins defeates Leo Demetral to claim the title in 40; Pencheff defeates Atkins on 40/12/07 in Broken Hill ot unify the two versions
Fred Atkins 1 October 10, 1942 Sydney, New South Wales Defeated Pat Meehan in a tournament final and left the country in 1949
Leo Jensen 1 December 3, 1952 New South Wales Defends against Bonnie Muir on this day
George Pencheff 2 1955 New South Wales Returned from overseas and claimed the title
Baron Von Heczy 1 February 4, 1957 Adelaide, South Australia
Kangaroo Kennedy 1 April 14, 1962 Newcastle, New South Wales
Brian Ashby 1 May 1965 New South Wales
Larry O'Dea 1 May 7, 1956 Sydney, New South Wales
Billy White Wolf 1 January 28, 1967 Melbourne, Victoria Wins tournament for the title
Vacant/Abandoned February 11, 1967 Melbourne, Victoria White Wolf won the IWA World Heavyweight Championship