Atomic Trooper Robo
Atomic Trooper Robo
Type Round radioactive hero
Height 170 meters
Weight 278 metric tons
Attacks Flying atomic double-kick, wire whip, handlebar hold, super head butt
Allies Force Trooper Robo, Silver Potato, Sentai Jin
Enemies Dr. Cube, Uchu Chu, Sky Deviler, Cycloptopuss
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Disposition: Calculated risk taker


Who fights goodest fight? Atomic Trooper Robo is famous hero fighter. The teen time he was famous of bicycle all racing and tricks. One day betty-favorite and next day then terrible accident, nearly the killing freestylee youngster. Saving life, doctors give him robot body and round helmet for safe. Fighting evil with other Troopers is all the more good.

The Source of Atomic Power

A few years ago, Atomic Trooper Robo lived as an up-and-coming Californian BMX stuntie who bunny-hopped, backflipped, and tail-whipped under the moniker Tony "Stony" Shark. Known for his brash freestyling performances on the vertical ramp and skidding-halt victories on the dirt racetrack, Stony was a Skyway and Wheaties-sponsored pro, with a bright, promising future. Extreme sports commentators lacking in creative superlatives heralded him "the Tony Hawk of BMX racing."

Then tragedy struck. At an X-sports demo sponsored by a testosterone-driven radio station, Shark attempted a triple-lindy-flip and mysteriously, the 15-foot vert-ramp collapsed on the airborne rider. The falling splinters of debris mangled the superstar's legs. The bike's handlebars punctured his stomach. Mushroom grips were the only thing that saved Stony from total annihilation: without those sparkly mushroom grips, Shark's heart would've been pierced; without those showy mushroom grips, Stony Shark would've been dead.

Apparently, it wasn't Shark's time to go. After being rescued from the plywood rubble, the crippled teen was immediately airlifted to Robo Dynamics where his pretzel-like body received a complete physical overhaul, replete with an atomic-powered pacemaker and a thermonuclear jaw. Two years at the Robo Dynamics Rehab Center healed the formerly crippled creature - exactly 730 days after his grotesque accident, Stony Shark was released into the world as Atomic Trooper. At first, the cybernetic organism considered returning to 360s and can-cans by turning his shiny, new chassis into a stunt-tricking headliner for BMX freestyle pro-tours.

But instead, Atomic Trooper heard his calling at the Tibetan Freedom Festival, when the beatific timbre of a chanting monk's voice emanated out of the PA and convinced the Trooper to commit his life to something more meaningful than pedals and pegs: fighting the evil forces of the world.

Atomic Trooper Robo decided that he wanted to uphold the law. Contracted to the local police department as a drone-like drug-sniffer, he landed in Kaiju Big Battel when a highly classified series of events (involving a 10-hour testimonial, a bad lieutenant, and a 25-lb. bag of stolen evidence) caused him to be discharged from the force. Kaiju Big Battel welcomed the talented crime fighter with open arms. As it happens, the monster-wrestling federation turned out to be the perfect platform for the heroic trooper and his lofty righteousness. Because in the realm of Kaiju Big Battel, both upholding the law and ratting out the bad guys is a part of the job.