The April 3, 2013 episode of Vendetta Pro Wrestling TV aired at 11pm on Comcast 25 in Santa Maria and Lompoc, California. This edition featured three matches, all of which had previously been released on DVD by Highlight Media.

The first match was the Tri-Force Championship match from the Terror Rising 2011 event between Todd Chandler, "Megabucks" Mario Banks and then-defending titleholder Disco Machine.

The second match was between "Apostle" Judah Matthew and Gangrel The Vampire Warrior from the Reflexion 2012 event.

The third match was between SoCal Crazy and El Hijo de Rey Misterio (Hijo de Rey Misterio I) from the Shamrock Slam 2012 event.

The intro music was "Rebel Yell" by Drowning Pool. The television program produced by Christopher "TAK" Clark.

This episode appeared on Vendetta Pro Wrestling's YouTube Channel for worldwide viewing on April 10, 2013.



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Vendetta Pro Wrestling TV Episode 12 (4 3 13)

Vendetta Pro Wrestling TV Episode 12 (4 3 13)


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