The April 26, 2013 Edition of Smackdown is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE's Smackdown brand, which took place on April 23, 2013 at the O2 Arena in London, England.


The legendary Phenom competed on the blue brand for the first time in nearly three years, headlining a monumental night of main event showdown as he battled The Shield’s Dean Ambrose inside London’s O2 Arena. And while he ultimately made his treacherous foe tap out, “The Hounds of Justice” would execute a crippling post-match assault on The Demon of Death Valley.

One week after Alberto Del Rio triumphed over Jack Swagger in a grueling WrestleMania rematch, the dual–No. 1 contenders for Dolph Ziggler’s World Heavyweight Title once again squared off in a No Disqualification Match — utilizing every weapon in sight to gain a decisive advantage.

In the final moments of the knockdown, drag-out free-for-all, the scheming Zeb Colter fed his Superstar a Kendo stick, just as the “Real American” was trapped in the excruciating Cross Armbreaker. After using the tool of destruction to make a forceful escape, Swagger ripped into Del Rio with both it and a ladder before executing the Gut-wrench Powerbomb for the victory.

The first English-born Divas Champion Layla returned home, displaying incredible athleticism as she twisted her way around Aksana to trap her prey in an inescapable pinfall web of defeat.

Before he would go head-to-head with The Phenom, Dean Ambrose and his fellow “Hounds of Justice” cohorts emerged from an undisclosed location. Rejoicing in their monumental six-man tag victory on Raw, they informed The Deadman that he would not be resting in peace, but he would believe in The Shield.

As the “Fandangoing” craze took over the O2 Arena, Fandango rode his dancing shoes into battle against Justin Gabriel. And while The Cape Town Werewolf can certainly tango with the best of them, his dancing opponent was light enough on his feet to overcome his high-flying adversary with the flying leg drop.

Even in the face of an increasingly tumultuous rivalry in recent weeks between Sheamus and Mark Henry, The Celtic Warrior opted to step back in combat against long-standing adversary Big Show.

And while both competitors fought tooth-and-nail in an extremely heated contest, a major disruption by the emerging Henry outside the ring — just as the Irish Superstar was preparing to launch an attack from the top rope — allowed the giant to blast Sheamus with the KO Punch for the gigantic victory.

After labeling his decorated fellow English grappler William Regal the “corpse” in his tasteless grave-robbing joke, Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett went on to avoid his opponent’s Knee Trembler attempt and hit the Bull Hammer elbow for the decisive three-count.

Successful at costing Sheamus his earlier match against Big Show, Mark Henry stomped back to the ring to face the serpentine Randy Orton one-on-one. But before their battle could be decided, The Celtic Warrior would return for payback, hitting a Brogue Kick on The World’s Strongest Man.

While the sound of the bell meant WWE’s Apex Predator would not get the win, he decided to settle for a follow-up RKO on Henry.

With his fellow Shield members constantly flanking the perimeter, the eccentric Dean Ambrose took on the mighty Phenom, competing in a SmackDown match for the first time in nearly three years. And despite a tremendous offensive on the part of Ambrose, The Deadman would “rise again” to victory, forcing his up-and-coming adversary to tap out to the infamous Hell’s Gate. But it quickly became clear that the conflict was far from over.

Refusing to let the smoke clear, The Shield instantly deployed a devastating post-match assault on their legendary prey. Although The Undertaker fought against the three-on-one assault like only he could, the number’s advantage and sheer brutality of the treacherous trio won out in the end, as they put The Phenom through the announce table with the Triple Powerbomb heard around the world!


Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.
(c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match.

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Jack Swagger v Alberto Del Rio

Layla v Aksana

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