Andre's Giant Problem is the 5th episode of Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling


We begin at Hulk Hogan’s Gym where all the wrestlers are working out. They get a mail call and Andre the Giant receives a postcard from his mother in France. Andre is then alarmed when he discovers that his mother is coming for a visit that day. It turns out that Andre has never told his mother that he is a wrestler, so Hulk and the gang decide to think of a new occupation for Andre that might please her. They decide to turn him into a French pastry chef since that’s something that his mother likes. The guys then proceed to set up everything from renting out a bakery to getting Andre the proper attire while Hulk picks up Andre’s mother. 

Everything starts out very well when Mrs. Roussimoff arrives, but then it all goes downhill when Captain Lou and Junkyard Dog encounter some culinary disasters behind the counter that spread to the dining area.  Things then go from bad to worse when the bakery is stood up by a robber.  Mrs. Roussimoff then surprises everyone when she takes down the robber singlehandedly.  When Andre wonders where his mother learned her wrestling skills, she reveals that she’d “been taking wrestling lessons at the woman’s club back in France.”  Andre then holds up his mother’s arm and proudly declares, “That’s my mama.”

Live Action Scenes

This sequence features Hulk Hogan and Mean Gene Okerlund advertising the episodes; “Clean Gene”, “Gorilla My Dreams”, and “Driving Me Crazy.”


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