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Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW) is a American professional wrestling promotion based in Austin, Texas and founded by Darin Childs and Jacob Ladder in 2006. Anarchy Championship Wrestling is the major promotion in Texas. ACW used the Hardcore Style in his shows.

Major events

  • ACW FunFunFunFest
  • ACW Texas Beyond Good And Evil
  • ACW Fall From Grace
  • ACW Distrust, Dismay & Anti-Social Behavior
  • ACW Guilty By Association


Championship Current Champion(s) Date won
ACW Heavyweight Championship Evan Gelistico January 20, 2013
ACW Televised Championship Athena October 21, 2012
ACW Tag Team Championship Jojo Bravo and Angel Blue January 29, 2013
ACW World Hardcore Championship Matthew Palmer January 15, 2012
ACW U-30 Young Gun Championship Bolt Brady January 20, 2013
ACW American Joshi Championship Jessica James January 20, 2013


Name Wrestler Date
Lone Star Classic ACH November 12, 2011
Queen Of Queens Athena June 24, 2012

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