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Anónimo Mortal is a movie based on Lucha libre or starring luchadors. It was released in 1972. It stars El Santo.


  • Santo as Santo
  • Armando Silvestre as Inspector Ponce
  • Tere Velázquez as Yvette
  • Gregorio Casal as Pablo
  • Jorge Rado as Henkel, aka Paul von Struber
  • Sasha Montenegro as Ester
  • Raymundo Capetillo as Rocha
  • Xavier Massé as Mario Goes
  • Fernando Wagner as Old Nazi
  • Jorge Mondragón as Landero
  • Armando Arriola as Campos
  • Joaquin Bauche as Fournier
  • Manuel Calvo
  • El Nazi as Santo's Opponent
  • Margarita Herman Wife of Jeweler

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