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Champion history

Wrestler: Times: Date Won: Location: Notes:
Edwin Bibby 1 January 19, 1881 New York City, New York Defeats Duncan C. Ross in a catch-as-catch-can match for "the championship of America".
Joe Acton 1 August 7, 1882 New York City, New York Has defeated Tom Cannon on December 9, 1881 in London, England for the Catch-as-Catch-Can Title; Bibby is billed as champion for a match against World Greco-Roman champion William Muldoon on September 3, 1882 in Elmira, NY.
Evan "Strangler" Lewis 1 April 11, 1887 Chicago, Illinois Lewis unified the American Catch-as-Catch Can Championship and the American Greco-Roman Championship by defeating Ernest Roeber on March 2, 1893 in a 3 out of 5 falls match with alternating Greco-Roman match and Catch-as-Catch can matches. The two titles became known as the American Heavyweight Wrestling Championship.
Martin 'Farmer' Burns 1 April 20, 1895 Chicago, Illinois
Dan McLeod 1 October 26, 1897 Indianapolis, Indiana
Tom Jenkins 1 November 7, 1901
Dan McLeod 2 December 25, 1902 Worcester, Massachusetts Jenkins forfeited the title to McLeod after having blood poisoning in his leg during their match.
Tom Jenkins 2 April 3, 1903 Buffalo, New York
Frank Gotch 1 January 27, 1904 Bellingham, Washington
Tom Jenkins 3 March 15, 1905 New York City, New York
Frank Gotch 2 May 23, 1906 Kansas City, Missouri
Fred Beell 1 December 1, 1906 New Orleans, Louisiana
Frank Gotch 3 December 17, 1906 Kansas City, Missouri
Vacant April 3, 1908 Gotch vacates the title after defeating Georg Hackenschmidt, the World Heavyweight Champion, to win that title on April 3, 1908 in Chicago, Illinois.
Henry Ordemann 1 October 25, 1910 Minneapolis, Minnesota Defeats Charlie Cutler and awarded the title by special referee Frank Gotch.
Charlie Cutler 1 February 1, 1911 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Dr. Benjamin Roller 1 March 6, 1911 Chicago, Illinois
Charlie Cutler 2 March 25, 1911 Buffalo, New York
Jess Reimer 1 November 7, 1911 Des Moines, Iowa
Henry Ordemann 2 December 14, 1911 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Charlie Cutler 3 March 25, 1912 Chicago, Illinois Jess Westergaard (Reimer) defeats Ordemann on January 7, 1913 in Minneapolis, Minnesota to claim a title but loses to Cutler on January 22, 1913 in Dallas, Texas.
Dr. Benjamin Roller 2 July 4, 1913 Benton Harbor, Michigan
Ed "Strangler" Lewis 1 September 18, 1913 Lexington, Kentucky
William Demetral 1 October 21, 1913 Lexington, Kentucky
Dr. Benjamin Roller 3 July 10, 1914 Rock Island, Illinois Ed "Strangler" Lewis defeats Roller during an international tournament on January 15, 1916 in New York City, New York (title may not be on line).
Wladek Zbyszko 1 January 8, 1917 Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Still/again champion as of September 22, 1922 (or a different reign, possibly by winning a tournament which has started on February 21, 1922).
Retired Title forgotten and abandoned

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