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The American Bank Center is an entertainment complex located in Corpus Christi, Texas. The complex consists of an auditorium convention center and arena. The facility hosts numerous conventions, trade shows, exhibitions, live performances and sporting events. It is home to the Corpus Christi IceRays junior ice hockey team, Corpus Christi Hammerheads indoor football Team, and the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Islanders Men's and Women's NCAA [[college Basketball teams.

It is owned by the city of Corpus Christi, Texas and managed by SMG. The in-house catering company is Centerplate, a company that offers special event consulting and custom catering for food and beverage requirements. In 2007 the arena was the site for a controversial event in the WWE, As the same day as the scheduled show, superstar Chris Benoit died. The show was canceled and fans received a full refund for their tickets, a definite rare occurrence for the company.


Date Event Attendance
May 31, 2015Elimination Chamber7,000

Television Programs

Date Event Attendance
November 11, 2004SmackDown -
October 10, 2005RAW 3,500
July 18, 2006ECW -
July 21, 2006SmackDown -
June 25, 2007RAW -
July 16, 2007RAW 7,000
February 5, 2008ECW 6,500
February 8, 2008SmackDown 6,500
October 20, 2008RAW -
March 20, 2009SmackDown -
March 27, 2009SmackDown -
December 14, 2009RAW -
July 27, 2010NXT -
July 29, 2010Superstars -
July 30, 2010SmackDown -
May 17, 2011NXT -
May 19, 2011Superstars -
May 20, 2011SmackDown -
January 9, 2012RAW -
July 3, 2012SuperSmackDown -
July 5, 2012Superstars -
July 26, 2013SmackDown -
August 2, 2013Superstars -
December 25, 2013Main Event-
December 27, 2013SmackDown -
July 29, 2014Main Event -
August 1, 2014SmackDown -
January 5, 2015RAW -
January 8, 2015Superstars -
September 22, 2015Main Event -
September 24, 2015SmackDown -
August 15, 2016RAW -
August 18, 2016Superstars -

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