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All-South Wrestling Alliance was an American-based wrestling promotion that was founded in 1972 by Ann Gunkel and closed in 1974. It was based out of Atlanta, Georgia.


All final champions are for this promotion, the title may have continued in other promotions.

Championship First Champion Final Champion
ASWA United States Heavyweight Championship Pepper Gomez Ray Candy
ASWA United States Tag Team Championship Ernie Ladd & Tom Renesto The Assassins
ASWA Georgia Heavyweight Championship Roberto Soto Luke Graham
ASWA Georgia Junior Heavyweight Championship Wayne Cowan Dick Steinborn
ASWA Georgia Tag Team Championship Dick Steinborn & Argentina Apollo Royal Kangaroos (Jonathan Boyd & Norman Frederick Charles III)
ASWA Georgia Television Championship Dick Steinborn Super Gladiator
ASWA Georgia Brass Knuckles Championship Rock Hunter Rock Hunter (only champion)

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