Alexis Ember is an American wrestler. She is seen locally in the Pennsylvania region working for the promotion The Ultimate Wrestling Experience.

Early life

Alexis Ember was born in Las Vegas, Nevada into a large, lower-class family. Her father was a mechanic specializing in motorcycles as well as a member of the local biker outfit, causing him to be neglectful of his family. With her mother working round the clock to make ends meet, Alexis was more or less raised by her five older brothers, who followed in their fathers footsteps. Due to her lifestyle, she became extremely rough around the edges, and at the age of twelve learning how to ride and repair motorcycles.

Despite her tough demeanor she is very intelligent, allowing her to graduate from school at a much earlier age than most. Free from school, she began the life of a delinquent, leaving home with nothing but her motorcycle, she made money by racing and underground fights.


Once Ember moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, she was discovered by talent scouts and was recruited to work for The Ultimate Wrestling Experience. During her time there, she works as a member of the stable villainous Lithium.

Personal life

Ember was born into a lower-class working family including having five older brothers. Her father worked as a motorcycle mechanic and seldom spent time with the family as he worked virtually nonstop. Ember's brothers followed their father into the motorcycle scene, becoming bikers.

Wrestling facts

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • The Burning Ember
  • Tag teams and stables
  • Lithium

Championships and accomplishments

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