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Son of Bello Greco who made his debut for AAA in 1996 as Hollywood. Eventually hit the indy circuit including making a brief stop in Promo Azteca where he took on the Alan Stone gimmick and feuded with his brother who was working as Moto Cross. The two clearly had talent and thus got jobs working CMLL opening matches.

They formed a regular undercard tag team for many years and were constantly praised for having the best matches while being very charismatic performers. After winning the CMLL Arena Coliseo Tag Team Championship, Moto Cross changed his name to Chris Stone on December 15, 2000, and the two became known as "Los Hermanos Stone". This led to a tecnico turn as they feuded with veteran no-nonsense rudos like Guerrero Del Futuro, Mogur and Damian El Guerrero.

The lack of upward mobility was clearly evident as the two seemed to destined to be stuck in segundas and terceras for years. Eventually Chris had a bit of a falling out with CMLL and it actually benefited his brother who got a push as a singles wrestler in late 2003. Still, Alan was apparently unhappy with is role, as both he and Chris made a one match appearance in AAA under masks. It must've not gone well, because they immediately returned to CMLL and everyone decided to pretend the appearance didn't happen.

Alan won the 2004 version of the Guapos U competition, but there was much less focus on it the previous years. Alan's winning was just a mention on the website, and Alan got team once with Shocker & Mascara Magica before being shunted back into the midcard. Alan again left for AAA, and stuck this time. Alan became a rudo once again joined Los Guapos VIP and feuded with El Intocable. Alan dressed the same as Intocable but added coming to the ring with a mirror because he was so Guapo, he enjoyed looking at himself. His entrance music was "Desvelado" by Bobby Pulido which combine with his flamboyant entrance, got him over with the crowd especially the women.

Alan and Intocable were seemingly destined for a hair match but it never happened for various reasons. Instead Alan just focused on being part of Los Guapos until the group split in 2007. He ended up turning tecnico and teaming with his brothers Super Calo and Chris Stone as Los Bellos Stones.

Has since been in pretty much the same spot in AAA. He's your typical pretty boy tecnico who works semi-main events and the occasional main events. Came up just short of winning the 2008 Rey De Reyes. After Super Calo left AAA, Alan and Chris have mostly been without feuds. Alan usually filled out trios matches and is used as a solid wrestler to balance out the more erratic ones.

Alan and Chris eventually turned on one of those erratic ones, El Elegido, turning rudo and helping form La Milicia. The two have mostly feuded with the masked tecnico, but Alan's also found time to win the AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship with Jennifer Blake, his first AAA title. His reign was mostly unnoteworthy, and it seemed like he left the company (or the company stopped using him) for a time, only to be brought back to lose the title.

In 2013 Alan formed a group with El Elegido, and Toscano called Los Mirreyes. It was a male stripper type gimmick where they would dance to the ring and sometimes bring women in the ring to perform lap dances on them. AAA gave the group a big introduction with videos, and then destroyed them on TV soon after. Alan left the promotion after the group failed, returning in 2014 without doing much. He's now seen on indie shows with other ex-AAA luchadors.

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  • PWI Ranked him #78 the 500 best singles wrestlers of the PWI 500
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