Aggressively Weird (sometimes referred to as Perfectly Weird) is the tag team of Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis. Their team name is a merger of adjectives based on Michael's aggressive style and Johnny's weird personality.


Michael McGillicutty was a competitor on season 2 of NXT, and Johnny Curtis won season 4. Michael was a part of the New Nexus and Curtis was part of Curti-Max.

While neither was a member of NXT Redemption's competition, they both invaded the show for Michael to feud with Tyson Kidd and for Johnny to feud with Derrick Bateman.

During their NXT debuts, Michael was mentored by Kofi Kingston and Johnny was mentored by R-Truth. Their mentors Kofi Kingston & R-Truth are both former unified WWE tag team champions

By virtue of winning season 4, Johnny was supposed to have gotten a chance at the tag team titles with R-Truth, but R-Truth's mental breakdown (such as attacking John Morrison with a water bottle and pursuing John Cena's WWE championship), delayed Johnny's chance, resulting in a crisis of faith of his own, where he did a series of promos (such as wasting milk) to draw attention to his plight.

Later, after going through his trials and tribulations with Little Jimmy, R-Truth once again overlooked Johnny Curtis, and instead became the number 1 contenders and then tag team champions with Kofi Kingston instead.

Curtis did not get his shot at the tag team titles for a long time, as a result of his former mentor Truth never being there for him. With he and Kofi being the incumbent tag team champions, it is unknown if that could even be honored.

Later when Team Hell No became the tag team champions, Johnny finally got his opportunity on the November 28 episode of NXT, where he and Michael failed to win the championship.


The pair have competed together as a team on:


They were referred to by the name "Aggressively Weird" by Byron Saxton on the July 25 episode where they defeated Derrick Bateman and Bo Dallas.