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Adrenaline Unleashed is a pro wrestling school and promotion based in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is owned by Kent Eccentric Lion wilson and Don Laughlin. They have been running ever since 2005. They perfrorm at Extreme Thing every year since 2007.Roster includes Eccentric Lion, J Cash, Antonio Mestre, Ty Tan, Lex Lucco, Tommy Misfit, Traiter's Tristan Gallo, and David Cassidy.

Ultra Championship Wrestling-Zero

Ultra Championship Wrestling Zero or just UCW-ZERO is a pro wrestling promotion and school based in Murray Utah. It is owned by Steve Neilson or also known as Stevie Slick. The Promotion has been running ever since 2003. They run shows every two weeks at a boys and girls club in Utah.Roster includes Blitz, Guerrero Azteca, JR.X, Los Mochi Paco, Kid Kade, Dallas Murdoch, Devan Payne as well as other lightweight wrestlers.


During a September show from ucw zero a group of pro wrestlers from vegas arrived enlightning all of the vegas invasion on Utah. The ucw zero roster did not take kindly to this so throughout the night Au wrestlers wrestled Ucw wrestlers. At the end due to cheating, tricks, and threatening the AU wrestlers came out victorious that night with Antonio Mestre the new Ultra X champion, and Eccentric Lion and J Cash as the new Tag Team champions, TyTan competed in a contenders match but lost by dq.

For the next couple of weeks leading up to Hallowicked the AU wrestlers kept terrorizing UCW ZERO and gaining more hate from the fans. An incident that occurred at one event is when Guerrero Azteca's cousion was brought into the ring by AU and threatened that if Azteca did not give a Title shot to TyTan they would hurt his cousin, 14 year old Libni, Azteca attempted to save her but was attacked by Antonio Mestre on the outside of the ring and handcuffed to the ring post. Eccentric Lion held libni before giving her to TyTan while saying Here T have some fun with her then T picked her up and slammed her down with a double hand choke bomb. This caused the ucw zero audience to over react as they threw chairs at the AU wrestlers, called 911, and following Libni to the hospital, in other words this caused the event to stop for 30 minutes in order to clear things with Utah police department afterwords the evnt went on where at the end of the night TyTan walked out the new champion of UCW ZERO.

UCW ZERO got revenge on AU the next week by stealing there costumes and impersonating them in the ring, the AU roster walked onto the outside the ring in nothing but towels and bathrobes flooded in embaresment.

At Hallowicked Au wrestled Ucw in a 10-man elimination match in the main event where every belt was on the line unfortunately UCW ZERO lost this match after the last pin fall from Eccentric Lion.Despite the loss UCW ZERO wouldn't stop until they got what was there's back.

The next month would lead up to Resurrextion this event would follow the ULTRA X championship mainly. The current champion Antonio Mestre would wrestle against Dallas Murdoch for the belt however they faced off earlier then exspected when they wrestled echother in an impromptu singles match for the title. In this match Los Mochi Paco and Kid Kade came out to the side of Dallas Murdoch to chear him on, Paco took Antonio Mestre prized possession his psp this distracted Mestre long enough for Dallas Murdoch to recover from the previous moves to give Mestre his finisher following up to a pinfall. The win from Murdoch was certenly a point on the score board for UCW ZERO.

The day Resurrected arrived the match card could predict geat matches such as a gauntlet match against TyTan for the heavyweight title, Antonio Mestre vs Dallas Murdoch in a no dq mathc for the ultra x title, in the main event Eccentric Lion and J CASH vs. JR.X AND Los Mochi Paco in a Lumberjack match for the tag team titles. unfortunately Adrenaline came out on top yet again when they retained and won all the belts back.

During the Resurrected Main Event Los Mochi Paco climbed to the top rope with the intention of flying into Eccentric Lion and J CASH but because of an early jump he did not land on them instead he landed flat on the basketball court floor with a huge thud. He barelly finished the match as JR.X subbed for him turning the match into a 2 on1 causing a handdycapped title match. It was announced that Paco slightly injured his ribs but did get the wind knocked out of him because of this paco has been suffering from rib injuries left and right still till to this day.

After two and a half months of an invasion the UCW ZERO roster grew sick and tired of AU so then they decided they would end the war at Sesons Beatings where Jr.x and Paco challenged Eccentric Lion and J CASH to a Tables,Ladders and Chairs match in the main event for the tag team titles. TyTan would defend his belt against Devan Payne. Antonio Mestre suffered a shin injury so he could not compete but promised to be back the week after the event.

The event became viral to Utah. Come the night of the event the boys and girls club featured a great pro wrestling show to an audience of 500+ people. The Main event was the talk of this event as it featured brutal hits and moves executed from both the end JR.X flew off the top of a 15-foot ladder into Eccentric Lion with a leg drop threw a table, J CASH was pushed off a ladder into a stck off two tables, PACO finished the match by retrieving the belts.

UCW ZERO would not return to the boys and girls club for a month, this was so there wrestlers could recover and they were scheduled to provide pro wrestling at festival el Latin americano.

When Ucw zero did return everyone wondered what is next, but unfortunatelly the AU wrestlers weren't done as they still held the heavyweight and ultra x championship. so the next event would be named Aftermath. At this event Eccentric Lion lost against JR.X in a loser leaves Utah match, this caused Tommy Misfit and Lex Lucco to leave with him. Los Mochi Paco pinned TyTan to become the new heavyweight champion. Antonio Mestre Was to compete in a 6-man battle royal for the ultra x championshp but didn't show up until the last two men were in the ring, Kid Kade and Tristan Gallo, Mestre walked into the ring and attacked Kid Kade with the belt this pushed Kade into Gallo eliminating both men. After the Match Mestre quoted that he shouldn't have to come back here again and that because AU is done in ucw he will return to vegas with the belt forcing its defunting in ucw zero, this was announced true at the next event because Mestre never did Lose the belt.However the belt was replaced months later with the Latin heritage championship which was won by Los Mochi Paco.

The war of these two promotions was remarkable as the audience of ucw zero quoted saying that this was the most controversial,entertaining and unforgettable pro wrestling war in Utah ever as well as the west coast.

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UCW-Zero Doomsday 9-19-2009 Adrenaline Unleashed06:53

UCW-Zero Doomsday 9-19-2009 Adrenaline Unleashed

video of the incident involving Libni



the last ten minutes of the brutal tlc match at seasons beatings