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Jared Pridgin is an American professional wrestler, better known as Adam Revolver. He is currently a member of Ohio Valley Wrestling.


Adam Revolver has tagged with Ted McNaler for the past five years as "The Elite" to dominate the world of tag team wrestling. The Elite achieved the second longest OVW tag title reign in history the first time they won the belts. No team in OVW has the resume that the Elite presents. Adam Revolver's crushing Russian Leg Sweep combined with Ted McNaler's flying Spear has created the most lethal tag team finisher known as "The First Class Ride" - and it's a ride their opponents won't soon forget!

Personal life

Pridgin attended The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Wrestling Facts

  • Finishing and Signature Moves
    • Russian Leg Sweep
    • The First Class Ride with Ted McNaler (Russian Leg Sweep / Spear)

Championships and Accomplishments

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