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Champion history

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
NWA United States Heavyweight Championship (Chicago version)
Verne Gagne 1 September 3, 1953 Awarded
Wilbur Snyder 1 April 7, 1956 Chicago, IL
Hans Schmidt 1 October 19, 1956 Chicago, IL
Wilbur Snyder 2 February 19, 1957 Chicago, IL
Dick the Bruiser 1 December 14, 1957 Chicago, IL
Verne Gagne 2 April 12, 1958 Chicago, IL
Splits into Chicago and Minneapolis versions; Minneapolis version renamed AWA United States Heavyweight Championship.
Vacated August 16, 1960 Gagne wins AWA World title
Wilbur Snyder 3 November 1960 Minnesota
Gene Kiniski 1 December 6, 1960 Minneapolis, MN
Wilbur Snyder 4 February 15, 1961 Duluth, MN
Gene Kiniski 2 April 1, 1961 St. Paul, MN
Hard Boiled Haggerty 1 September 1961 Minnesota
Mr. M 1 October 17, 1961 Minneapolis, MN
Title retired January 9, 1962 Miller wins AWA World title & title abandoned

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