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Title History

Wrestler Reign Date Location Notes
All Star British Heavyweight Championship/Title History
Tony St. Clair 1 April 5, 1979 London defeated Giant Haystacks to claim the Joint Promotions British Heavyweight Title but recognition for the win was later withdrawn. He brought the title to All Star Promotion
Kendo Nagasaki 1 April 4, 1988 Bristol
Tony St. Clair 2 ?, 1988 ? defeated Joint Promotions British Heavyweight Champion Dalibur Singh to become undisputed British Heavyweight Champion and unify the two titles
Dave "Fit" Finlay 1 February 6, 1990 Croydon
Dave Taylor 1 April 6, 1991 King's Lynn
Tony St. Clair 3 May 4, 1993 Croydon vacated the title in 1995
Dave Taylor 2 July 4, 1995 Croydon defeated Marty Jones in a tournament to claim the vacant title
Marty Jones 1 ?, 1996 Croydon the titles was vacated when Jones retired.
Vacated  -  -  - claimed by Karl Krammer but never officially recognized but All Star Promotions