The APW Universal Heavyweight Championship is a title contested in All Pro Wrestling. It was introduced on October 12, 1996 when Robert Thompson became the first champion.

Title history

Wrestler Times Date Days held Location Notes
Robert Thompson 1 October 12, 1996 147 Modesto, CA Defeated Michael Modest in tournament final to become the first champion.
Manny Fernandez 1 March 8, 1997 91 Cupertino, CA
—vacated— June 7, 1997 Fernandez vacated the title upon leaving the promotion.
Michael Modest 1 July 4, 1997 63 Hayward, CA Defeated Donovan Morgan in tournament finals.
Donovan Morgan 1 September 5, 1997 120 Hayward, CA
Michael Modest 2 January 3, 1998 27 Hayward, CA
Robert Thompson 2 January 30, 1998 56 San Jose, CA
Maxx Justice 1 March 27, 1998 35 San Jose, CA
Vic Grimes 1 May 1, 1998 8 Hayward, CA
—vacated— May 9, 1998 Grimes vacated the title upon leaving for the World Wrestling Federation.
Maxx Justice 2 May 16, 1998 154 Pinole, CA Defeated Sam Fatu to win the vacant title.
Boom Boom Comini 1 October 17, 1998 13 Sacramento, CA
Michael Modest 3 October 30, 1998 133 Hayward, CA
Maxx Justice 3 March 12, 1999 50 San Jose, CA
Boyce LeGrande 1 May 1, 1999 20 Pinole, CA
Maxx Justice 4 May 21, 1999 1 Hayward, CA
Vinny Massaro 1 May 22, 1999 3 San Jose, CA
—vacated— May 25, 1999 The Pro Wrestling Council ruled that due to outside interference from unlicensed referees, the title would be stripped from Vinny Massaro and held in escrow. A four corners match was to be held on July 10, 1999 in San Jose, including Massaro, Maxx Justice, Michael Modest, and Boyce LeGrande to determine a new champion.
Maxx Justice 5 July 10, 1999 77 San Jose, CA Justice pinned Michael Modest in a four corners match after Mark Smith got in the ring, supposedly to support Modest, and clotheslined him.
Shane Dynasty 1 September 25, 1999 14 Lompoc, CA Justice faced masked newcomer Super Diabliquo for the title and there was a question about who was actually under the mask. In an earlier Battle Royal, Super Diabliquo was thought to be Shane Dynasty, but during the title contest, Dynasty was revealed to be ringside wearing a clown mask. While the referee was distracted, Dynasty was knocked unconscious by the Freaks, stripped to his underwear, then substituted for Chris Ward, who was wrestling as Super Diabliquo. Afterward, he was unmasked and declared the champion.
Michael Modest 4 October 9, 1999 98 Pacifica, CA Defeated Dynasty in a dog collar match.
Tony Jones 1 January 15, 2000 56 Healdsburg, CA
Ma'och 1 March 11, 2000 35 San Leandro, CA
Frank Murdoch 1 April 15, 2000 133 Livingston, CA
The Honky Tonk Man 1 August 26, 2000 42 Antioch, CA Tony Jones attempted to hit the Honky Tonk Man with a kendo stick, but accidentally struck Murdoch to give the challenger the victory.
—vacated— October 7, 2000 APW commissioner Gabe Ramirez declared the title vacant when the Honky Tonk Man failed to appear for a title defense.
Ed Morretti 1 October 7, 2000 0 San Francisco, CA APW commissioner Gabe Ramirez awarded the title to Ed Moretti when Honky Tonk Man failed to appear for a title defense.
Donovan Morgan 2 October 7, 2000 203 San Francisco, CA Morgan defeated Moretti the same evening for the title. Morgan also held the APW Worldwide Internet Championship in conjunction with the APW Universal Heavyweight Championship.
Vic Capri 1 April 28, 2001 35 Chicago, IL During Morgan's tour of the Midwest, he was upset by 2000 KOTI participant Vic Capri in a 2-out-of-3-Falls Ladder match.

Capri becomes the first man outside of APW to win the title.

Michael Modest 5 June 2, 2001 N/A Pacifica, CA
Robert Thompson 3 May 11, 2002 167 Pacifica, CA Defeated Bryan Danielson in the tournament final to win the title.
Larry Blackwell 1 October 25, 2002 42 Hayward, CA Pinned Thompson in a "Double Jeopardy" tag team match. Blackwell teamed up with Kafu while Thompson teamed up with Jardi Frantz.
Robert Thompson 4 December 6, 2002 21 Hayward, CA
Bobby Quance 1 December 27, 2002 N/A Hayward, CA
—vacated— Quance was stripped of the title.
James Watkins 1 March 14, 2004 230 Hayward, CA Watkins "won" the title on October 23rd, 2003 when Robert Thompson laid down for Watkins to pin him. APW stripped him of the title and put up the title in the first ever Garage Rumble on March 14, 2004.
Nate Rulez 1 October 30, 2004 224 Hayward, CA Defeated Watkins at Halloween Hell VII.
Kafu 1 June 11, 2005 175 Hayward, CA
Derek Sanders 1 December 3, 2005 238 Hayward, CA Defeated Kafu in a no-disqualifcation lumberjack match.
Dana Lee 1 July 29, 2006 0 Hayward, CA
—vacated— July 29, 2006 Lee was immediately stripped of the title after the match due to his actions in the APW Boot Camp.
Derek Sanders 2 August 12, 2006 21 Hayward, CA Defeated The Great Tenshi in tournament final to win the title.
Dana Lee 2 September 2, 2006 42 Hayward, CA
Kafu 2 October 14, 2006 161 Hayward, CA
Oliver John 1 March 24, 2007 182 Bakersfield, CA
Adam Thornstowe 1 September 22, 2007 21 Hayward, CA
Mr. Prime Time 1 October 13, 2007 245 Hayward, CA Defeated Thornstowe and Oliver John in a three-way dance.
Oliver John 2 June 14, 2008 175 Hayward, CA
Dylan Drake 1 December 6, 2008 336 Hayward, CA Defeated John in a steel cage match.
Malachi 1 November 7, 2009 182 Hayward, CA
Jeckles the Jester 1 May 8, 2010 63 Hayward, CA
Derek Sanders 3 July 10, 2010 147 Santa Rosa, CA
Dylan Drake 2 December 4, 2010 224 Hayward, CA
Jeckles 2 July 16, 2011 49 Hayward, CA
Timothy Thatcher 1 September 3, 2011 42 Hayward, CA
—vacated— October 15, 2011 Commissioner J.J. Perez announced at Halloween Hell XIV that Thatcher was unable to compete and vacated the title.
Jeckles 3 October 15, 2011 91 Hayward, CA Defeated Gangrel for the vacated title.
Jody Kristofferson 1 January 14, 2012 0 Hayward, CA Won the annual "Pick The Winner" battle royal, granting him a Universal Heavyweight Title opportunity which he used the same night to defeat Jeckles.
—vacated— January 14, 2012 Upon winning the championship, Jody Kristofferson reluctantly forfeited the title citing his recent developmental deal with WWE.

List of combined reigns

As of October 17, 2011.

Rank Wrestler Times held Combined
days held
1.Dylan Drake2560
2.Derek Sanders3406
3.Robert Thompson4391
4.Oliver John2357
6.Donovan Morgan2323
7.Michael Modest5321~
8.Maxx Justice5317
9.Mr. Prime Time1245
10.James Watkins1230
11.Nate Rulez1224
14.Frank Murdoch1133
15.Manny Fernandez191
16.Tony Jones156
17.The Honky Tonk Man142
 Larry Blackwell142
 Timothy Thatcher142
 Dana Lee242
 Vic Capri135
23.Adam Thornstowe121
24.Boyce LeGrande120
25.Shane Dynasty114
26.Boom Boom Comini113
27.Vic Grimes18
28.Vinny Massaro13
29.Bobby Quance1>1
30.Ed Morretti10
31.Jody Kristofferson10
Sym Meaning
* Current champion
~ Combined title reign may not be correct


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