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The APW Tag Team Championships were introduced on November 20, 1996 when Michael Modest and Steve Rizzono became the first to win the titles. They defeated Frank Dalton and Joe Applebaumer in the finals of an eight team tournament to win the titles.

Title history

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Michael Modest & Steve Rizzono 1 November 20, 1996 Hayward, CA Modest and Rizzono became the first APW Tag Team Champions by defeating Frank Dalton and Joe Applebaumer in the finals of an eight team tournament.
Robert Thompson and Donovan Morgan 1 January 25, 1997 Hayward, CA
Tony Jones & Jay Smooth 1 August 1, 1997
Vic& Dic Grimes 1 September 19, 1997 Hayward, CA
Vacant November 20, 1997 Vic Grimes is suspended.
Robert Thompson(2) & Chris Cole 1 November 22, 1997 Hayward, CA Defeat Michael Modest and Donovan Morgan in tournament final.
Tony Jones(2) & Steve Rizzono(2) 1 December 6, 1997 Hayward, CA
Vacant January 17, 1998 Rizzono is fired from APW.
Michael Modest(2) & Tony Jones(3) 1 February 21, 1998 Hayward, CA Defeat Frank Murdoch and Jay Smooth to win the vacant titles.
Frank Murdoch & Boom-Boom Comini 1 March 15, 1998 Pinole, CA
Vacant March 30, 1998 Comini is unable to defend the titles.
Frank(2) & Vic Murdoch 1 March 30, 1998 Pacifica, CA Defeated Tony Jones and Ed Moretti to win the vacant titles.
Vacant June 30, 1998 The Murdoch's failed to defend the titles within the two month title defense period due to Vic Murdoch's (aka Vic Grimes) obligations to the WWF. The status of the title remained in limbo after that.
Westside Playaz
(Boyce LeGrande & Robert Thompson(3))
1 May 6, 2000 Pacifica, CA
Vacant March, 2001 The Westside Playaz left the promotion.
Original Westside Playaz
Robert Thompson(4) & Tony Jones(4))
1 April 14, 2001 Vallejo, CA Defeated the Ballard Brothers at the Only in California card to win the vacant title.
Boyce LeGrande(2) & Mark "Bison" Smith 1 June 9, 2001 Vallejo, CA
The Ballard Brothers
(Shane & Shannon Ballard)
1 July 28, 2001 Vallejo, CA
Original Westside Playaz
Robert Thompson(5) & Tony Jones(5))
2 September 29, 2001 Vallejo, CA Defeated The Ballard Brothers and Samoa Joe and Keiji Sakoda in a Three Way Tag Team match.
Vacant September 29, 2001 Vallejo, CA Thompson and Jones break up after winning the title.
The Ballard Brothers
(Shane & Shannon Ballard)
2 March 18, 2002 King City, CA Defeated Samoa Joe and Robert Thompson in a tournament final to win vacant titles.
Immortal Fear
(Billy Blade & Kadin)
1 December 4, 2004 Hayward, CA Defeats Dana Lee and Lil Cholo to win vacant title.
The Mafia
(Vennis DeMarco & Chris Coleone(2))
1 August 20, 2005 Hayward, CA Defeated Billy Blade and Peyton, Kyu Katsuki and The Great Tenshi, and Tiffany and Melissa in a Four Way Elimination match.
All Pro Rangers
(Kyu Ketsuki & Kid Omega)
1 October 22, 2005 Bakersfield, CA
The Mafia
(Vennis DeMarco & Chris Coleone (3))
2 December 3, 2005 Hayward, CA Defeated the All Pro Rangers and Team Australia to win the titles.
Derek Sanders & Payton 1 January 28, 2006 Hayward, CA Sanders teamed with All Pro Rangers to defeat Vennia DeMarco, Chris Colioni, and Kafu in a six man tag team match with the man who gained the pinfall gaining control of the titles. Sanders got the pinfall and gave the second title to Payton (a female manager).
Vacant February 11, 2006 The titles were handed to the APW general manager Gabriel Ramirez.
(Nathan Rulez & A.J. Kirsch)
1 February 11, 2006 Hayward, CA Won a Tag Team Battle Royal to win the vacant titles by last eliminating The All Pro Rangers.
Ground & Pound
(Dana Lee & Tito Aquino)
1 June 2, 2007 Hayward, CA Defeated Rulez and Kirsch in a 2-Out-of-3 Falls match to win the titles.
(Gangrel & Billy Blade(2))
1 August 11, 2007 Hayward, CA
Border Patrol
(Derek Sanders(2) & Nathan Rulez(2))
1 January 5, 2008

Hayward, CA

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