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el campion EL Texano jr.

{{Infobox Championship | championshipname = AAA World Heavyweight Championship / Megacampeonato AAA | image = [[File:AAA W | aired = | promotion = Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) | brand = | created = 02007-09-16September 16, 2007

| mostreigns = El Mesías (4 reigns) | firstchamp = El Mesías | longestreign = Jeff Jarrett (274 days)

| shortestreign = Electrshock (86 days)

| oldest = Dr. Wagner, Jr. (45 years, 298 days) | youngest = El Texano, Jr. (28 years, 124 days) | heaviest = El Mesías 114 kg (245 lb) | lightest = Dr. Wagner, Jr. 96 kg (210 lb) | pastnames = | titleretired = | pastlookimages = }} The AAA World Heavyweight Championship is the highest ranked championship in the Mexican wrestling promotion Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA). The AAA Heavyweight title was created in the latter half of 2007 as a way to clear up the championship picture in AAA and create a new ”top title”. The tournament to crown the first champion consisted of eight participants, four of those held singles championships, in what was billed as the ”Campeon De Campeons” tournament (English: Champion of Champions) The eight participants were.

In TNA, it was known as Mexican Heavyweight Championship and in Lucha Underground it's known as the AAA Mega Championship.

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