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The 450 Splash is a professional wrestling move.

With his opponent on his chest or back in ring, the attacking wrestler climbs to the top rope and, facing forward, somersaults off the top turnbuckle spinning 450 degrees in the air before landing on his opponent in splash position.


Imploding 450 splash

This move sees the attacking wrestler stand on the top turnbuckle facing away from the ring. He or she then jumps backwards and executes a 450 splash inwards (facing the turnbuckle) onto a downed opponent laying on the mat.

Phoenix splash

Innovated by Hayabusa and technically known as a corkscrew 450 splash, the attacker, facing away from the ring and situated on the top turnbuckle, performs a 180° turn in mid-air and then performs a 450 splash onto a lying opponent.

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