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3rd Degree Burns: The Music of TNA Wrestling, Vol. 1

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3rd Degree Burns: The Music of TNA Wrestling Vol. 1 was the third CD released from Total Nonstop Action Wrestling on November 21, 2006, featuring the entrance music of TNA superstars, as well as "prequel" tracks from the Victory Road 2006 PPV.

Track listing

  1. "Prequel" (Sting)
  2. "Slay Me" (Sting)
  3. "No More Fears" (Robert Roode)
  4. "Prequel" (Samoa Joe)
  5. "Crush You Up" (Samoa Joe)
  6. "Society Box" (Christy Hemme)
  7. "Stampede" (Rhino)
  8. "Prequel" (Jeff Jarrett)
  9. "My World" (Jeff Jarrett)
  10. "I Am" (A.J. Styles)
  11. "Prequel" (Raven)
  12. "Scream" (Raven)
  13. "Paparazzi/Up Yours" (Alex Shelley)
  14. "Prequel" (Abyss)
  15. "Down in the Catacombs" (Abyss)
  16. "Guilty" (America's Most Wanted)
  17. "Eat Me" (Shark Boy)
  18. "Nobody Moves" (James Gang)
  19. "Unstoppable" (Gail Kim)
  20. "Prequel" (Christian Cage)
  21. "Take Over" (Christian Cage)
  22. "Adrenaline Rush" (Bonus Track/performed by Marc Williams and Vernon Kay)

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