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The 302 Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship is a professional wrestling tag team championship in 302 Pro Wrestling.


The 302 Tag Team Championship will be decided by a tournament ending June 4, 2016. The tournament was eventually won by Pretty Ugly, defeating Dub Boys and Riot City's Most Wanted in the finals.

Current champion

The current champions are Funk'n Dirty (Funky White Boy & Sonny Deeds), who defeated 410 Massiv to win the vacant titles.


  First Round Semi-Finals Finals
  1  410 Massiv
(RD Cordova & Andre Cash)
2  BYE  
   410 Massiv
(RD Cordova & Andre Cash)
     410 Massiv
(RD Cordova & Andre Cash)
   Pretty Ugly
(Jimmy Dream & Adam Ugly)
  5  Pretty Ugly
(Jimmy Dream & Adam Ugly)
6  Riot City
(Sicend & Matt Wylde)
   Pretty Ugly
(Jimmy Dream & Adam Ugly)
   Working Class Heroes
(Yams The Working Man & Ryan Vox)
7  Pain Inc.
(Wrex Savage & Josh Austin)
  8  Working Class Heroes
(Yams The Working Man & Ryan Vox)

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