This is a list of wrestlers who currently wrestle in 302 Pro Wrestling.


Male Wrestlers

Ring name Real Name Notes
Adam Ugly Adam Lee N/A
Andre Cash Sid Douglas N/A
Franco Varga Franco Varga N/A
Funky White Boy Tommy Walsh N/A
Jimmy Dream Jimmy Morris N/A
Marcus Waters N/A
Muddy Waters N/A
PJ Parker PJ Parker N/A
RD Cordova RD Goswellen N/A

Female wrestlers

Ring name Real Name Notes
Kacee Carlisle Kacee Carlisle N/A
Sera Feeny N/A

Managers and Valets

Ring name Real Name Notes
Billy Bingo Ron Faison Manager of Bingo Enforcement Agency
Yana Lang Manager of Vampire Community Alliance

Teams and Stables

Team name Members Notes
410 Massiv RD Cordova and Andre Cash N/A
Pretty Ugly Adam Ugly and Jimmy Dream N/A

Other personnel


Name Position Notes
Ron Faison Promoter N/A
Kevin Brittingham Booker N/A

Other on-air talent

Name Position Notes
David Buckler Ring announcer N/A


Name Position Notes
Craig Prendergrast N/A N/A