The 2KW Wrestling Federation, most commonly referred to as 2KW, started back in early 1999, as a no name federation created by young superstars such as Vinny Mac, SyNN, and Kid Krazy. Taking the idea of the federation as a joke, The superstars decided to air the show on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) and was seen throughout the entire island of Manhattan. With constant e-mails coming in ranting and raving with good reviews, The Federation decided to try and test the waters with a more serious tone. As 2000 came along, superstars such as Jackal, Reaper, Grifter, and Saylo arrived, joining to create a much bigger roster. As the years progressed, nearly 300 different competitors have passed through the 2KW federation, with the roster today staying at a steady 30+ Competitors. Through countless publicity including two UPN news articles about the show (The first article was to trash backyard wrestling, but due to positive reviews, they did a follow-up story to show how much has changed) Footage airing on the Best of Backyard Wrestling, and even appearing on Maxim Magazine's B-There Volume 2 DVD, 2KW has pushed themselves further than most backyard wrestling federations.

Current champions

Championship Champion(s) Date Won Event
2KW United World Championship Kris Kage July 25, 2009 2KW Saturday
2KW Television Championship V.i.P August 8, 2009 2KW Saturday
2KW North Eastern Championship Whiplash October 25, 2009 2KW Saturday
2KW Junior Heavyweight Championship JT Dunn February 27, 2010 2KW Second Coming
2KW United Tag Team Championship A-List November 14, 2009 2KW Just Another Night 2009

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