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The 2003 WWE Aggression (Fleer) was a trading card set put out by WWE and Fleer in 2003.

Base set

Diva licious

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2003 WWE Aggression (Fleer) cards
Base set

GoldbergBatistaBooker TBradshawBubba Ray DudleyChief MorleyChris JerichoChris NowinskiChristianD-Von DudleyEric BischoffGoldustIvoryJacquelineJazzJamalCharlie HaasKaneKevin NashLance StormAl SnowLitaMavenMolly HollyRandy OrtonRic FlairRicoRob Van DamRoseyScott SteinerShawn MichaelsSpike DudleyStacy KeiblerSteven RichardsStone Cold Steve AustinTerriTestThe HurricaneTommy DreamerTrish StratusTriple HVictoriaWilliam RegalBig ShowBill DeMottBilly KidmanBrock LesnarChavo GuerreroChuck PalumboChris BenoitCrashDawn MarieEdgeEddie GuerreroFunakiSableHollywood Hulk HoganJamie NobleJohn CenaJohnny StamboliKurt AngleMark HenryMatt HardyNathan JonesNidiaNunzioRey MysterioRhynoRikishiShannon MooreThe RockTajiriTorrie WilsonTazzUndertakerA-TrainPaul HeymanBrian Kendrick

Diva licious

Torrie WilsonSableLitaIvoryJacquelineJazzMolly HollyStacy KeiblerTerriTrish StratusNidiaChecklist

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