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The 2002 WWE Royal Rumble (Fleer) was a trading card set created by WWE and Fleer.



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2002 WWE Royal Rumble (Fleer)
Base Set

Big ShowBooker TBradshawBrock LesnarBubba Ray DudleyChris NowinskiJohn CenaD'lo BrownEddie GuerreroGoldustJacquelineJazzJeff HardyRandy OrtonKaneKevin NashLitaMark HenryMatt HardyMollyRob Van DamRavenShawn MichaelsShawn StasiakSpike DudleySteven RichardsTerriRic FlairWilliam RegalX-PacAl SnowBillyBilly KidmanChris BenoitChristianChuckD-VonPaul HeymanEdgeFaarooqFunakiChris JerichoHollywood Hulk HoganThe HurricaneIvoryKurt AngleMavenNidiaRicoThe RockTajiriTorrie WilsonTriple HScotty 2 HottyStacy KeiblerLance StormTazzTestEric BischoffJackieVictoriaStephanieVince McMahonRikishiJerry LawlerJim RossDeacon BatistaShane McMahonAlbertTrish StratusUndertakerDawn MarieChavo GuerreroRey MysterioTommy Dreamer


Eddie GuerreroBrock LesnarChris BenoitTriple HUndertakerThe RockJim RossJerry LawlerRic FlairShawn StasiakKurt AngleShawn MichaelsHollywood Hulk HoganRob Van DamJeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, & Lita

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