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2002 WWE RAW vs. SmackDown! (Fleer)

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The 2002 WWE RAW vs. SmackDown! (Fleer) is a collection of trading cards featuring the WWE and Fleer.


Queens Of The Ring

Raw vs. Smackdown!

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2002 WWE RAW vs. SmackDown! (Fleer)
Base Set

The RockUndertakerKurt AngleKevin NashJim RossX-PacChris BenoitKaneHollywood Hulk HoganRob Van DamBilly GunnChuck PalumboBooker TEdgeBig ShowRikishiBubba Ray DudleyD-Von DudleyBrock LesnarMark HenryWilliam RegalMavenLitaBilly KidmanBradshawBradshawTajiriSteven RichardsChris JerichoMatt HardyIvoryRavenAlbertJeff HardyThe HurricaneJerry LawlerAl SnowD'lo BrownDDPShawn StasiakTorrie WilsonTerriScotty 2 HottyJacquelineStacy KeiblerGoldustChristianTrish StratusTestJustin CredibleFaarooqBossmanTazzTommy DreamerHardcore HollyCrashThe Big ValbowskiMolly HollyPerry SaturnSpike DudleyLance StormTriple HVince McMahonRic FlairNWORico

Queens Of The Ring

DebraJazzLitaIvoryTerriTorrie WilsonJacquelineStacy KeiblerTrish StratusMolly Holly

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