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The 2001 WWF RAW Is War (Fleer) is a trading card set put out by both Fleer and WWF.

Raw Is War

War Zone

Show Enders

Raw Is Jericho Chase Cards

Femme Fatales Chase Cards

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Raw Is War

Stone Cold Steve AustinTriple HMick FoleyDean MalenkoChris JerichoLitaBubba Ray DudleyJim RossBull BuchananKaneGerald BriscoThe GoodfatherMatt HardyRikishiVince McMahonIvoryTrish StratusTestRavenAlbertVal VenisTazzChynaMolly HollyChristianEdgeWilliam RegalCrash HollyJeff HardyKurt AngleK-KwikBradshawTerriBob "Hardcore" HollyGrandmaster SexayPerry SaturnD-Von Dudley"The One" Billy GunnThe RockEddie GuerreroSteven RichardsPat PattersonChris BenoitBig ShowFaarooqSteve BlackmanUndertakerJacquelineScotty Too Hotty

War Zone

Chris JerichoAPA"The One Billy Gunn vs. Val VenisTaka MichinokuTriple H vs. The RockEdge & ChristianBig ShowHardy Boyz vs. Edge & ChristianDebraKurt AngleKaientaiThe Rock & Undertaker vs. Edge & ChristianRight To CensorUndertaker"The One" Billy Gunn with ChynaDudley Boyz vs. Edge & ChristianLita vs. Trish StratusThe RockStephanie McMahon-HelmsleyDudley BoyzTriple HStone Cold Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahonShane McMahonPerry Saturn with TerriToo CoolTriple HHardy BoyzStone Cold Steve AustinUndertaker vs. KaneHardcore, Molly & Crash HollyWilliam RegalStone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kurt AngleVince McMahonRight To Censor vs. Hardy BoyzKane

Show Enders

The Rock vs. UndertakerStone Cold Steve Austin vs. William RegalStone Cold Steve Austin vs. Chris BenoitStone Cold Steve Austin vs. Rikishi & Kurt AngleChris Jericho vs. The RockStone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kurt AngleStone Cold Steve Austin vs. Edge & Christian & Kurt AngleTriple H vs. Kurt AngleUndertaker vs. The RockChris Jericho vs. Chris BenoitThe Rock vs. Triple H vs. Kurt AngleShane McMahon vs. The RockTriple H vs. The RockThe Rock vs. KaneLita vs. Stephanie McMahon-HelmsleyThe Rock vs. Chris BenoitChecklist 1Checklist 2