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Champion history

Wrestlers: Reigns: Date: Days Held Location: Event
Jody Fleisch &
Jonny Storm
1 May 27, 2006109 Doncaster, England 1PW Know Your Enemy 2006
Colt Cabana & Darren Burridge 1 October 14, 2006259 Doncaster, England 1PW First Anniversary Show
Dragon Phoenix & Spud 1 June 29, 200776 Doncaster, England 1PW Know Your Enemy 2007
Dragon Aisu &
1 October 13, 2007155 Doncaster, England 1PW 2nd Anniversary Show
Bubblegum &
El Ligero
1 March 16 200869 Edlington, England 1PW Event
Dragon Aisu &
Jon Cameron
1 02008-05-24May 24, 2008 27 Doncaster, UK 1PW Event
Kris Travis &
Martin Kirby
1 02008-06-20June 20, 2008 513 Doncaster, UK 1PW Underground X
Liam Thomson &
Kid Fite
1 02009-11-15November 15, 2009 233 Doncaster, UK 1PW Fourth Anniversary Show

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