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The 1999 WCW-nWo Nitro (Topps) is a trading card set put out by WCW and Topps. The base set had 72 cards.

Base set

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1999 WCW-nWo Nitro (Topps)

Title CardBret HartDiamond Dallas PageGoldbergRick SteinerBooker T.Chris JerichoSaturnBam Bam BigelowChavo Guerrero Jr.Disco InfernoWrathRey Misterio Jr.MengSuper CaloGlacierSilver KingKaosLenny LaneNorman SmileyKidmanAlex WrightKanyonRavenLodiErnest MillerThe DiscipleBobby Duncum Jr.Barry WindhamKonnanBuff BagwellEric BischoffHollywood HoganScott HallHorace HoganScott SteinerStevie RayBrian AdamsVincentCurt HennigRandy SavageStingKevin NashLex LugerRic FlairArn AndersonDean MalenkoChris BenoitSteve McMichaelJuventud GuerreraEddy GuerreroPsychosisLa ParkaDamianHector GarzaMiss ElizabethKimberlySpiceA.C. JazzTygressWhisperChaeFyreStormGoldberg Triumphant!The Venomous bite of Sting!Hogan for PresidentBig Sexy ... Kevin Nash is God!Feel the Bang ... DDP is back again!Larry Zbyszko & Bobby HeenanDoug DellingerSonny Onoo

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